Does Dollarbird work with agents?

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Dollarbird is happy to work with agents if they feel the hybrid model is the most suitable for their author. Agents may contact us through the normal channels and we would be happy to schedule [...]

Why should I chose hybrid publishing?

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If you want to earn a higher royalty than the industry standard then hybrid publishing might be for you. Unlike in the traditional publishing model where the publisher bears all the financial risk, in the [...]

Do you print on demand?

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No, we do not use print-on-demand services. Dollarbird prints full runs with Clays in the UK and Times in Singapore and supplies books to its distributors' warehouses in UK, USA, Australia and Asia as well [...]

Do you offer self-publishing packages?

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No, we do not offer self-publishing services where authors choose what level of support they get from the publisher (such as editing only, or editing and a jacket design). At Dollarbird we select manuscripts for [...]

Will you keep my book for ever?

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No, authors licence their work to publishers for a fixed term, which is specified in the author contract. At the end of the term, it is up to both parties to decide whether to continue [...]

How will you market my book?

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If your manuscript is accepted for publication, you will be contacted by our publicist who will work with you to determine the most relevant media to contact in those territories we are selling into. We [...]

Will you enter my book for literary prizes?

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With the exception of a few literary prizes that are only open to books published under a traditional imprint, most literary prizes welcome submissions from hybrid imprints and we do submit titles to relevant prizes.

Do you accept all manuscripts?

By |2019-01-13T17:27:32+00:00January 8th, 2019|

No. We critically evaluate all manuscripts and we are only able to accept those manuscripts that fit the Dollarbird list and which we think have a chance of selling in our markets. This is in [...]

Can I have copies of my book to resell?

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Authors are entitled to a certain number of books and these may be resold in markets that don't conflict with Dollarbird's retail. For example, authors may not sell their books on Amazon or into bookstores, [...]

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