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K. H. Lim, Written in Black
Jonathan's grandfather is dead and the whole family reunites to celebrate the traditional Chinese funeral rites. The shock and the contrasts with the cousins, aunts and uncles, are the last drops for the young boy's already shaken mind. His mother has gone away and doesn't want to speak to him and his brother was kicked out of home and is now living with a rockband! He has to flee to find him and thus talk to her. And grandpa's coffin seems the only way to do it.

#leggereilmondo 25. 🇧🇳Brunei Darussalam
K. H. Lim, *Scritto in nero*
Il nonno di Jonathan è morto e tutta la famiglia si riunisce per celebrare i tradizionali riti funebri cinesi. Ma lo shock e i contrasti con i cugini, zie e zii, sono le fatidiche gocce che fanno traboccare il vaso per la mente già scossa del bambino. Sua madre se n'è andata e non vuole parlargli, mentre suo fratello è stato cacciato di casa e ora vive con un gruppo rock! Jonathan deve fuggire per trovarlo e così riuscire parlare con la mamma. E la bara del nonno sembra l'unico modo per farlo.


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Posted @withregram • @ns510reads #AseanMonthLSBC week 1 // 📚 A bit late to the party but here’s a stack of Southeast Asian literature to celebrate ASEAN month! A mix of books I’ve read and some on the tbr, by writers within the region and across the diaspora
I’m currently reading THE MOUNTAINS SING by Nguyễn Phan Quế Mai and really enjoying it. Looking forward to new recs throughout the month! Any must-reads/faves you’d recommend? Recommendations gratefully accepted! ❤️

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Visit “Asian Review of Books” to read Peter Gordon’s review of Sue Paul’s “Jeopardy of Every Wind: The biography of Captain Thomas Bowrey”.

Review excerpt:
“Thomas Bowrey left London for India as a child in 1688; his father had died of the plague in 1665, a tragedy compounded by the Great Fire the next year. Shipping him off to India was not the worst thing a mother could do in such circumstances. Bowrey arrived in Fort St George, Madras after the New Year, by then the ripe old age of nine.

“Bowrey stayed in Asia for the next two decades, gradually becoming a successful, albeit not hugely successful, independent trader, running goods between India and various parts of Southeast Asia. He returned to London, married, and promptly set himself up in business. Bowrey’s main claim to fame is not, however, his business ventures but rather the English-Malay dictionary he published in 1701, that and the fact he apparently made the first English-language reference to the recreational use of cannabis.”

“Jeopardy of Every Wind: The biography of Captain Thomas Bowrey” by Sue Paul is available from leading bookstores in the UK and will be released in SE Asia, Australia and USA in October.

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‪‘A Yellow House’ by Karien van Ditzhuijzen opens a window to the lives of Indonesian domestic workers in Singapore, says Desca Angelianawati in The Jakarta Post https://tinyurl.com/y9p7p6y7‬ #thejakartapost #indonesia #singapore #modernslavery ...

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Posted @withregram • @limcaco_books A few weeks ago, I had an epiphany: I should stop spending more than an hour on a book that doesn’t greatly delight, tickle, or titillate me. Life is precious and Cov*d could snatch it away like it’s nothing (human life IS nothing, if Sapiens author Yuval Noah Harari is to be believed 🥺). With that epiphany moment in mind, I didn’t think I should finish this novel... but I did. I just needed to get past 100 pages to realize that the coming-of-age tale of a straight guy navigating life in a ‘pesantren’ (low-cost housing for Muslim students) among the company of linguistically inventive hairdressers is worth my short time on earth. It’s like Catcher in the Rye but if Holden were a poor Indonesian school boy who works part-time as a briefs-clad angel waiter. If you really think about it, it’s not at all like Catcher in the Rye. In conclusion, I enjoyed reading this. ...

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Mixed emotions as work from home ends and we return to the office #monsoonbooks ...

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Monsoon Books is pleased to announce the sale of the TV/film option in Nigel Barley’s “Island of Demons”, a historical novel set in 1930s Bali, Indonesia, based on the life of Walter Spies, ethnographer, choreographer, film maker, natural historian and painter #monsoonbooks #historicalfiction #bali #baliindonesia #indonesia #ubud #ubudlife #walterspieshouse #walterspies #bookstoscreen ...

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During lockdown, Monsoon Books’ office landlord has created a number of walks around the business park to encourage healthy living. Feeling blessed to work in the fresh air of the countryside (and only 60 mins from London by train). #monsoonbooks ...

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Happy Birthday Lt Col JP Cross, author of Gurkha military fiction set in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Burma and India. Retired frontier soldier, jungle fighter and military attaché, JP Cross fought in Burma, Indo-China, Malaya and Borneo and served in India, Pakistan, HK, Laos and Nepal. Author of 20 books including “Operation Janus”, “Operation Blind Spot”, “Operation Black Rose” and forthcoming “Operation Stealth” #monsoonbooks #militaryfiction #historicalfiction #malaysia #gurkha #burma #indonesia #borneo #singapore ...

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Posted @withrepost • @epigrambooksuk AUTHOR TALK: Dr Ben Murtagh of @soasuni will host Indonesian author Nuril Basri (@nurilkaka) this Friday, 27 Sep, 5.30pm @ SOAS, Rm BG01. ⠀
Nuril will also be signing books and there will be wine and nibbles. Plus, it's free! ⠀

One of Nuril's latest books is Love, Lies and Indomee. The novel is a quirky rom-com and follows Ratu, who needs to have a man in her life – quick – especially if she doesn't want her meddling parents to start picking potential husbands for her. So she does what anyone would do: head online to find Mr Right. ⠀
Does it work? You'll have to get the book to find out. ⠀

Nuril was selected by the British Council as one of five Indonesian authors to watch for in 2019. This witty novel is available from @amazonukonline, @waterstones, @blackwellbooks, @whsmithofficial and other leading bookstores. ⠀

(thanks to @monsoonbooks)

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Meet Nuril Basri, author of “Not a Virgin” and “Love, Lies and Indomee”, at SOAS, 5.30pm Friday 27 September. Open to all, free event, drinks and nibbles. See you there! 📖 🍷 🍣 🇮🇩 #idwriters #indonesianliterature #monsoonbooks @nurilkaka #soas ...

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Looking forward to welcoming author Nuril Basri to 🇬🇧 next week. #monsoonbooks #indonesianauthor #indonesianliterature @nurilkaka ...

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Posted @withrepost • @idwriters Book cover designs for two books written by Indonesian authors and translated into English by @mosoonbooks: Not A Virgin, written by @nurilkaka and Harvesting the Storm by John Waromi. We made two designs for each book (the unchosen one is called #killedcover, this is not a voting! 😅) with a concept in mind, that we wanted a dark, distinctive color palette while also maintaining simplicity and elegance. Each concept also shares similar backbone with different approach and styles of illustration.
For the first option of Not A Virgin, we used negative space to show a wing and a silhouette of a face of a man. This shows two sides of each characters, how desperately they want each of their sides to become a whole part of who they are but sometimes they can’t. (P.S. this correlates to the story!) and for Harvesting The Storm, we went a little bit more modern and simplistic by showing just the ocean and the coconut a coconut floating in the ocean.
For the killed cover, we illustrated a picture of an ordinary guy falling, with a silhouette of his wings for Not A Virgin, and we explored the traditional ornament style of a fabric that was included in the book, making and illustration of a tree with a coconut floating in the ocean for Harvesting The Storm.

Thank you for the opportunity, @monsoonbooks! These books are currently available in Waterstone and Foyles if you’re in UK, at Kinokuniya and at Periplus if you are in Indonesia!

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Posted @withrepost • @periplus_jawatengah MATARAM
a novel of love, faith, and power in early Java 📝 Anthony Reid


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