Choose your publisher for its specialism, its track record and its business model.

Whether you are choosing a traditional publisher or a hybrid publisher, it is vital to look at the kinds of books the publisher produces. Dollarbird is an imprint of Monsoon Books, a publisher of books on Asia, particularly Southeast Asia. We know this area well and we are one of the leading publishers of trade books on this part of the world. We are looking for books set in Southeast Asia or wider Asia or written by authors based in Asia. We will not accept books that are not relevant to our list simply because the author is sharing the financial risk as it will benefit neither party – we know what we can sell and what our reps can sell.

Track record
Our parent company, Monsoon Books, is a publisher with a strong track record of publishing bestsellers in Asia and of selling translation rights and TV and film rights. We know our market and will only accept manuscripts we think we can work within our market.

Business model
The hybrid model represents a new option in independent publishing but it might not be for you. Do research all options and feel free to contact us for more information about this model.