A Thousand Years of Rain

Michael Lipinski

A Thousand Years of Rain by Michael Lipinski

Paperback 9781912049660
Ebook 9781912049677
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Category Fiction
Pub date April 2020

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This is Thailand. Legal, illegal … those terms are defined by who you are, who you know, how much money you have.

Alex Marek’s once idyllic life in southern Thailand is being shattered. He is about to lose his job. The woman he loves is facing financial devastation that could separate them forever. He desperately needs to save her and ensure their life together. It is then that the reclusive and sometimes violent offshore oil worker John Hunter tells him of his wild scheme to make money, lots of money, by looting an ancient temple hidden deep in the Thai jungle. And he needs a partner.

About the Author

Michael Lipinski’s first overseas job was as an English instructor at the University of Tehran, at a time which coincided with the Iranian revolution and the fall of the Shah of Iran. After evacuation from Tehran, he taught at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok and was later hired as a teacher and editor for an oil and gas company in Songkhla, Thailand. Lipinski has had stories published in the Chicago Sun Times, Bangkok Post, The Nation and the Phuket Gazette. He lives in Bangkok.